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In the American Nihon Jiu-Jitsu system, a traditional white uniform with no markings is worn with the exception of the schools emblem which will be given upon registration. Upon completion of the Basic Class, a new patch will be awarded in addition to the one already received. Upon attaining the rank of Brown Belt, a Black Uniform is worn to signify an instructional level, or “Line Instructor”.
In the American Nihon Jiu-Jitsu system, we look to establish an environment that is cooperative not competitive. We treat our fellow students and classmates with respect and leave the pressure of the outside World, outside the dojo. In the system, as we look to grow, as well as enjoy ourselves in the process, there are certain things that are expected of the student. Members of the “American Nihon Jiu-Jitsu” system display their respect for their instructors, each other and the art in several ways. Some of these are as follows. While all schools do not follow the same protocol, THIS is ours in American Nihon Jiu-Jitsu:
  1. Black Belts are referred to by their titles inside the school at all times. They may refer to their titles outside if the student wishes.
  2. Chief Grand Master: A Chief Grand Master, Is a 10th Black Belt and head of the system. There is only one Chief Grand Master in a system.
  3. Renshi: (Ren-shee) This is for the level of 4th and 5th degree black belt which translates to a title of “Master Instructor” a teacher of black belts. WHITE SIDE UP for 4th and RED SIDE UP for 5th.
  4. Sensei: ((Sen-say) This means “Instructor” and translates to one who has been there before.
Upon Greeting a black belt or in the beginning or end of class a slight bow of the head, followed by a handshake is exchanged. This is an act that signifies respect for the system and each other. The bows are mutual and simultaneous.
Upon entering or leaving the dojo floor a bow is given to show respect for the school is a place of learning and to show equality amongst all.

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