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Learn a realistic and unique self defense from the men who have not only created it, but have proven its effectiveness in reality. They have developed a proven self defense system.  These veterans of battle have developed a defense system and have applied it successfully for a combined total of over 40 years as Heads of Security for the most popular and largest nightclubs on Long Island.

As a result, American Nihon Jiu-Jitsu has been created to serve the individual needs of Adult Males, Adult Females, Young Adults, and Children (from the age of 6) and the problems they will face in today’s world that cover dangerous situations, as well as how to deal with less violent situations such as name-calling and bullying. Not every situation leads to violence and knowing the difference Is very important. The situations they face are very different from that of a young adult male.

We have developed a system of self-defense that is designed to have them understand and recognize the situations they will face in today’s society and how violence is not always the answer. It is important that they know the difference between what is talk and what is truly dangerous. We’ve also developed a system designed for adult women and how to recognize the situations that they will face and how to effectively respond to them. Adult males obviously do not face the same situations that a six-year-old boy will face. So we have created a system that is designed for their particular needs.

In 2008 AMERICAN NIHON JIU-JITSU Developed to meet the changing times (where there are cameras everywhere) and the incident at hand can be on YouTube in moments. So it is not your word against ours, proof of what had happened before during and after the battle has taken place. As a result former go-to techniques can cost us tens of thousands of dollars. A single misunderstanding in the Law can result in Criminal Prosecution followed by Civil Prosecution, along with attorney fees, the possibility of jail time, loss of jobs, and even risking Professional Licenses. AND IT DOESN’T HAVE TO HAPPEN. When you know the law, and are trained to act with in it, make it so you can apply “Reasonable Force” to any situation whether they be “Dangerous” or a that of simple “Discomfort”. Former movements such as an intentional Cover Punch or Cover Kick to induce shock in the aggressor are not legal. The law doesn’t look at your intention! It looks at the impression perceived. So when a man approaches, whether you are intentionally missing doesn’t matter. If the “actor” believes that it was intended to hit, the man throwing the blow becomes the “Initial Aggressor” and will be responsible for the outcome will make them responsible for all the legal ramifications and it will probably end up on video one way or another. In the eyes of the law the Cover Strike for shock nullifies the claim of Self-Defense and makes YOU the aggressor.

As a result we have been developed our system to include:

Get the insight of when and how you have the right to defend yourself with a strike. When you feel that you are threatened physically you have the legal right to strike first under the correct circumstances.  Learn how you can use that knowledge to your advantage.
Understand how to maximize the force that can be generated by the human body, so that the most powerful strikes can be understood and applied by anyone.
We teach you about the four different response times the mind and body take to respond under different states of mind .
Learn what makes an aggressor behave the way they do and, as a result, see them for what they truly are.
We teach you what makes us feel the way we do when confronted by danger and, as a result, you will learn how to respond in a positive way due to ability and confidence, rather than panic through fear and lack of understanding.
To be able to recognize precisely how a body has to move in order to approach and know the vulnerabilities that will be available, as well as the ability to apply the force necessary to abruptly finish the battle .
In addition, the AMERICAN NIHON JIU-JITSU system has included a Former Participant class to accommodate students with prior training due to the fact they can learn at a faster pace than a beginner. They may also wear the rank they have previously earned until they are caught up to the systems standards for their rank. Upon attaining the systems standards for the rank they possess, they can then enter the class their rank qualifies them to enter (Intermediate, Advanced, or Black Belt class). Students with prior training also have the option to attend a Basic Class where they have the opportunity to be introduced to the System and become familiar with the insight to the AMERICAN NIHON JIU-JITSU system from the beginning stages.


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