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Learn a Realistic and Proven way to defend yourself that has been proven and applied successfully by the Practitioners of this

American Nihon Jiu-Jitsu has been developed by instructors that have spent over 40 years confronting violent as well as potentially violent situations. Not every situation leads to violence and knowing the difference and knowing how to deal with the difference is a trained insight that can be developed through our training. After all, not all situations require a violent outcome. It is important to know the difference between what is simply threatening talk or truly danger. You will be taught how to recognize these situations and how to effectively respond to them within the limits of the law.

American Nihon Jiu-Jitsu has developed a System that is designed to meet our changing times. We have developed a practical and realistic System that is suitable for today’s society. I found through the additional studies of Physics that can make Force understood and applied by everyone along with the study of Neurology to comprehend the how and why people react the way they do was a tremendous advance and advantage in the study of real life situations.The difference between Reflex’s and Reactions and the boundaries of Physics opened a whole new world of reality. I hope you will join us in this new and exciting study. In today’s world cameras are everywhere from traffic lights, telephones as well as doorbell ringers. A single misunderstanding can result in criminal prosecution and civil prosecution as well as loss of jobs and possibly risking professional license.
When you know the law, and are trained to act within it you not need to face these consequences.

As a result, we have developed a system that includes:


You will have the Legal insight and knowledge of how you have the right to defend yourself on a physical level if necessary or many lesser degrees that the incident calls for. You will learn how to defend against violent situations where a strike necessary as well as the Jiu-Jitsu aspect that will cause no damage to your opponent in order to simply release a harassing situation where a person puts a hand you in a less than violent way. After all, nobody has a right to place a hand on you without your consent.


While you may not realize force you are capable of delivering, through the study of physics, you will be trained how to maximize the force that can be generated by the human body that can be understood and applied by anyone. Not only will you know what strikes are necessary techniques that need to be applied, you will learn to understand how to develop the force that can be applied by these nontraditional movements. That can be easily understood when introduced to the physics that can be applied with normal body movements that do not require jumping, spinning, and the bizarre head high kicks that are not necessary for real life situations. There is no unnecessary abuse to our body in order to learn these techniques. Do not kick above the belt and do not support the unnecessary abuse to ourselves by receiving strikes that have been developed to cause damage. Rather than strike each other, we have objects to strike rather striking each other with the forces you will develop.


By the distance and speed of the aggressor, you will also be, which strike to throw in order to defend yourself before the aggressor approaches. By recognizing the vulnerability the aggressor has in order to make their attack you will always be prepared to defend yourself.


There are certain Reflexes and Reactions and are not understood that give us a tremendous advantage over our opponents. These aspects will be taught and applied right from the onset of your studies.


To understand and recognize the behavior of an assailants intentions as well as the insight to the behavior of the individual. It is extremely important that the student asks as many questions as possible in order to be able to understand that is taught during the classes. After all, how does one learn without the ability to ask questions? We do not work on blind faith alone. While in some systems asking questions might be considered disrespectful, quite the opposite is the position we take. It is our job to be able to prove what it is that we teach. After all, we work for you.

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